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China as the largest source of U.S. imports of ceramic tiles

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

At present, China's exports to the United States both in terms of the number of tiles, the amount and area compared to 2013 have made very significant progress, from the first quarter and second quarter performance will be able to see our tiles in exports to the United States market the performance is very good. Italy has been the major countries are exported to the United States market, but a few years instead of the position of Italy and the data in all aspects of basically over Italy. 

The growth rate of outstanding performance 

Although China in terms of growth rate inferior to Turkey, but Turkey as an emerging ceramic sanitary ware countries, and its production in the last year is very small so this year led to a substantial increase in production growth rate is very high, reaching more than 60 percent but up from the total said very little, so with the other major powers tile is unmatched. China's export volume this year, however, under the worst circumstances still get good results, which fully reflects our product quality ceramic sanitary ware companies have made great progress, the growth rate is reached more than 20 percent is very alarming. In terms of the total amount reached about 100 million more than forty million yuan of success, but also to achieve the highest growth rate in recent years. This is really somewhat surprising because this year's market environment is not good, but still be able to have such a significant export growth performance. 

Export production is inclusive 

The total area of the tile tile market this year, the United States and last year acquired considerable, we can say an almost flat. In terms of the tile area also received a strong double-digit growth, reaching a growth rate of more than ten points. And for the first time beyond Mexico's exports to the U.S. market tiled area. In value terms, however, Italy is still occupy a large advantage, although Italian exports to the United States market, the total area of significant decline, but because the sales price Italian bathroom products is relatively high, so its value is still ranked first position. Mexico area in terms of exports remained stable trend, while the sharpest reduction is currently hosting the World Cup in Brazil, a decrease as high as sixteen points. 

Chinese tile sales trends for the United States to maintain good 

Undoubtedly become the big winner of this year's export markets tile, ceramic tile sales in the United States on a number of data and refresh the primacy of history over the same period. This indicates that China tile market is a step toward maturity, ceramic sanitary ware companies are no longer focused on price competition, but in order to attract quality manufacturing highlights foreign consumers, and won the favor of the foreign market.

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