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Functional tile: market prospects but needs to be done

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Tiles, with people's lives. In the past, the consumer is only one of the tiles as decoration materials, consumers in the purchase of tile, consideration is its hardness, water absorption, flatness, etc., as a reference to these indicators. With the progress and the increasingly diverse needs through the times, to expand market share, many ceramic enterprises based on consumer demand for diverse research and development capabilities tile, so in addition to the original with decorative functions, both other tile functions emerged, that of functional ceramic tile industry. 


With the development of increasingly specialized tile market, consumers are certain aspects of the performance requirements of the tile will be more and more, there will be some individual needs. In recent years, research and development efforts continue to strengthen functional tiles, many manufacturers targeting the potential market for functional tile, ceramic tile features for R & D efforts in strengthening technology has been steadily progressing, and began diversified its product category expanding. 

In addition to the growing market demand beyond the current industry environment also contribute to the development of functional tiles. "Big Mac" model requires a strong comprehensive strength support this reason, not every company can take, therefore, also gave birth to a second mode of operation. Some companies have a clear development ideas another way, out of frame large and rather fine start from professionals, with the "Big Mac" to compete in a single market category, and by virtue of personalized, differentiated quality product category based on the market, out a new path - differences in management. Future ceramics industry must develop in the direction toward the difference, and the difference is mainly reflected in the resource-oriented, functional, intelligent, and several other aspects, functional, as one of them, can be said to be a trend in the future. Functional tile is take the difference of the product line, both the development of climate, geography, who can accurately grasp the potential of market dynamics, on the pretext of a burst and the east, perhaps, it can become a favored target of opportunity. 

According to Xie Ke Sunshine Ceramics Co., Ltd. Foshan City, Verona ecological analysis bricks brand marketing manager, and now social pollution, people are more and more attention to their own health, natural resources, ecosystems and the environment are increasingly high degree of concern, this is one of the market demand functionality tiles. In some economically developed European countries, people pursue a healthy life almost penetrated into all the details, but in recent years, some Chinese companies have begun to promote health products in their field, with ecological or health functions tile has a broad development prospects. 

Around the various types of functional ceramic tile 

The first is the early functional tiles. Such tiles have such proof, anti-static, thermal insulation, anti-bacterial, sound-absorbing, self-cleaning and other functions, and its market share has been very limited. Less demanding because of its technology, has now matured, the market demand has been relatively stable, relatively small space for development. The second category is yet to be developed functional tiles, its technical requirements are relatively high, is based on the further development according to the specific needs of consumers original production technology based on. 

The second category of functional ceramic tiles are the following: 

First, negative ion ceramic tile. Anion tiles can release negative ions, the effect is to be achieved by the decomposition of formaldehyde, eliminate odors, clean air and health care. According to the Guangdong Association of Ceramics Co., general sales manager of health classes Fu Chen Zhongshan brick brand, currently anion tile production technology has matured, and a professional national detection and identification, can purify the air, with health effects. There Oceano, Dongpeng, Jin Tao, Fu classes and other companies in the ceramic tile industry marketing anion. 

Second, breathing bricks. Breathing brick with a lot of natural clay-rich pores, a variety of natural environmental materials science paleontological deposit ratio of high-temperature minerals such as marine fired. There are a large number of fine pores of brick, siphoning the fine pores of the bricks have smart regulation makes breathing air purification indoor humidity and harmful gases and odors. Bricks are also respiratory photocatalyst layer surface increases, increasing the function of the decomposition of harmful gases. Japan is the first production of Ina breathing brick business, and the current production of this domestic market really is not much breathing brick business, Andrews ceramics are among the pioneer. 

Third, the metal ion tiles. In the tile in a certain technology to add titanium or silver and other metal elements, so that anti-radiation, air purification, health care requirements of tile in a metal ion, to antimicrobial sterilization through. Currently metal ions tile is still in the experimental stage, concrete and practical efficacy remains to be tested. 

Fourth, other functional tiles. Other features of the tiles is added to other materials, such as stone powder, herbs, etc., the effectiveness of health care is inclined. 


According to Levin, Foshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Jin Jin Billiton brand Ai Tao, deputy general manager of marketing Liu Xiaoliang revealed that Kim Ai functional pottery tiles to import promotion is based on the brand. To the concept of marketing and product marketing combined can not just rely on unilateral to promote. When propaganda, first let dealers to accept functional tile, willing to operate such products before the concept to consumers functional tiles imported. 

The Verona is more forward-looking eco brick, in the brand positioning to establish a concept of ecology, to build eco-brand. In the marketing, Verona by buy promotions, "thousands of miles away-day road", "eco-China" and focus on micro-film and other ways to end the promotion of ecological concepts, dissemination of ecological brand, expand Verona ecological bricks in the terminal influence. "Functional tile also belong to sunrise industries, environmental protection and ecological concept should influence consumers will eventually form a universal trend." Xie Ke very confidently said.

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