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Home building price trends tile price "High"

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Enter October, the year went to the home improvement season. Several home improvement building materials market in Changzhou found affected by the real estate market is shrinking, home improvement building materials market this year, a slight decline in sales than in previous years, but due to labor, transportation and other costs rise, tile, flooring and other prices rise to certain extent, two or three percent price decline wallpaper . 

Tile price "inflated" several times 

A building materials market in Xinbei ceramic shop, the reporter saw a variety of ceramic tiles have a high price tag, the 60 cm × 60 cm tiles are 200-300 yuan price tag, but also 190 yuan cheaper. 

The shop owner Mr. Wang, "This year, a New Year's price rose tile, average per piece rose a dollar or two 60 cm × 60 cm." However, prices, tile sales in previous years but no good. "This year was mainly affected by the real estate market, reduced market demand." 

Wang said that although the tile prices very high standard, the actual price may be much lower. "As long as ten dollars generally low-grade brick, brick mid thirty pieces, also a few high-end fifty points." 

? Then why is the actual transaction price several times or even ten times what Wang reluctantly smiled and said: "We are all so subject, the customer's habits Kill bargain, then we go out into the high in price, the customer will that spend less money to buy a high-grade goods. "

Floor price rose 5% over last year 

In floor sales area, the cheapest laminate flooring just 36 yuan per square meter, the price of solid wood flooring in four or five hundred one square meter. 

A floor franchise store sales staff said, usually sales will hit 9 fold, the greatest efforts can hit 8-fold. This year the overall price of the floor than last year rose by about 5%, mainly manual workers rising prices. There is people are increasingly demanding the floor, resulting in increased production costs. 

Wallpaper prices fell two or three percent 

Compared with tile, flooring, wallpaper year, a lot cheaper than usual. According to a wallpaper store franchise sales personnel, sales this year wallpaper lighter. "Wallpaper manufacture threshold is low, a lot more small factories, resulting in more competition, the emergence of the situation of oversupply, so this year than in previous years wallpaper prices fell 20% -30%. 

Sales staff said, wallpaper the surface are similar, but it actually great universe, what ink, what paper, and glue have pros and cons. He said: "Also a wallpaper, using different materials, the price can be the difference between a hundred dollars or even more." 

General wallpaper expensive foreign brands, Volume 1 (5 m2) price can reach 1000-3000 yuan, compared to much more affordable domestic brands, brands ranging from 100-300 yuan per roll, two brand price three lines lower, generally for 40 yuan -150 yuan.

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