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ile adhesive future good international market trends

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

China Market Research Center is the National Bureau of former subsidiaries, now under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences School of contemporary urban development plan, the statistics of the National Unification Council and the National Customs trade data import and export data processing; United Nations database and retrieve data using mathematical expertise there are models be analyzed with the actual situation of China market Research survey Research Center, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the National Bureau of Statistics of experts to ensure the final results will be made public. 

Asia has become dry mortar growing emerging markets. In Southeast Asia and East Asia, dry mortar product development focused on the big cities, in these cities, rapid economic growth, population growth quickly, increasing demands for environmental protection. Products by site mixing mortar into dry mortar. 

Tile adhesive market future trend of international good 

Singapore dry mortar applications have decades of history, early mainly rely on imports. To 2000, Singapore has 1.3 million tons of production capacity, production capacity has also increased in recent years. Due to the rapid growth of production capacity, Singapore dry mortar nearly saturated. 2003 and 2004, Singapore dry mortar production were 1.3 million tons in 2005, the annual output decline. 

Hong Kong has not yet entered a large dry mortar development stage, decorated mostly with imported materials with mortar, mortar part of the site with mortar, as well as some imported dry mortar. Site mixing mortar has limited use, but not prohibited. So far, the only one on the Hong Kong-scale production line, the company is EP-invested enterprises in Hong Kong, the design capacity of 300,000 tons / year. 

South Korean dry mortar production began in the mid-90s of last century, has been used before construction site mixing mortar. Given the dry mix mortar construction efficiency and quality are superior to traditional on-site mixing, dry mortar in Korea to develop rapidly. 2002 Korea ground with decorated with ordinary dry mortar annual consumption of about 300 million tons. Expected in the next few years, dry mortar will account for 80% of the entire market share. 

In addition, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia in the next few years will accelerate the development of dry mortar. This will be on the Chinese market impact dry mortar. While experiencing the impact of the financial crisis, but demand in Southeast Asia and China and other emerging markets, there are still conducive to the steady development of tile adhesive. 

With less, effective, low cost, high efficiency ceramic tile adhesive, developed countries most "favored" special mortar. Tile adhesive in China after 10 years of development, adhering to social responsibility and the descendants of a large number of mortar business difficulties, challenges the traditional process weaknesses. 2010, Accumulate tile adhesive market, has made considerable expansion, not only in tooling, but also large-scale entry of people sounded the clarion call home decoration. 

Dry mortar can develop rapidly in the United States and Europe together are the following reasons: First, rising labor costs; Second, the quality requirements, in order to compete in a saturated market, it is necessary to meet the requirements of high-quality buildings; Third mechanization the construction and use of pre-mixed mortar can improve building efficiency and proficiency requirements for workers lower; Fourth, you can save the cost of materials and use of materials; Fifth, meet some new wall and building materials for mortar requirements, like polystyrene foam board, aerated concrete and similar materials require special mortar products. In addition, environmental issues more and more attention, in some European countries for supplies of radiation and smell are strictly limited.

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