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Polished under fierce market competition analysis

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

"House seemingly endless rain" can be well described as dismal ceramics market in 2012, so a lot of ceramic enterprises stagnation or even collapse, you want to be added to the ceramic industry is prohibitive. Reporters visited the ceramics business, there are many people in the industry have told reporters complain, prices continue to rise, under the production of raw materials, oil, freight continues to rise, the price of building ceramics has reached a new peak in the. Many businesses pulled into the "do not rise up and" hovering between. Pattern of the entire ceramics industry is also slowly transformed, especially in terms of architectural ceramics profound changes. 

In recent years, the rapid development of the ceramic industry, intense competition within the market, tiles can be said to be the mainstay of building materials, compared to other species is still the mainstream. But innumerable tiles manufacturers but let industry professionals sigh distort market development. It is a medium-sized ceramic enterprise sales manager told us about, tiles market in recent years of rapid development, the production technology and marketing tools have improved greatly. But because of increased competition as well as the occurrence of plagiarism really able to create a unique brand of business is very rare, with the next product "homogenization" effect, have a high corporate brand awareness in the market in order to stabilize the pace . 

In recent years, other similar products on the market are polished to seize the market, new products appear on different tiles market, an already saturated market more full. Reporters visited the difficult to find, polished production companies are numerous, not only it is to imagine how fierce the competition is, together with other features of the birth of tiles, which makes tiles role in constantly shaken.

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