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Shanghai May wood flooring market prices of billets

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Flooring blanks overall market volume decline in May, a slight change in the price of a small part of the breed. May also more deserted property market, as compared with the home related aspects of flooring manufacturers affected. 

Where such Hardwood flooring blanks, wire and heavy wood ants and other sub-volume has declined recently. Hardwood flooring blanks May prices also declined, businesses, said year-to-April Hardwood shipments more, since May because of declining sales led to higher stock market, so prices fell, blessing people currently on the market specifications the Hardwood flooring for 18x120x900 quoted in the blanks between 205-215 yuan / m2, compared with earlier fell 10-15 yuan / m2 or so. 

Heavy wood ants flooring blanks in April to the current shipments are not high, businesses, said part of the reason is the origin of shipments of small, price people currently on the market specifications for heavy-fu wooden floor stock quotes 18x120x900 ants in 285- 295 yuan / m2 or so. Merbau flooring blanks May performance is relatively stable, prices and shipments are not large changes, blessing people currently on the market specifications for Merbau wood flooring blanks offer 18x120x900 at 195-205 yuan / m2 or so.

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