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The main development direction of tile market research

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Large thin tiles currently in the market among the class has set off a lot of boom, currently on the market and many companies have already started to target this new direction, and many foreign countries, companies have begun to introduce related production equipment and started a big fight, towards large thin direction. That is, even some European and American companies have begun large bathroom thinning tile research and production, this year, some of the tiles appeared in exhibitions in Europe and America large thin tiles, and these tiles were previously not see, in particular, has always been used by European countries are some of the small tiles, as a small box the same, but they are also beginning to realize that this type of tile is not to be accepted by consumers in other countries, but did not affect long-term thinking of consumers, so they started to build some big thinning tiles, in order to get consumers agree. 

       In the United States and Europe, the Netherlands, and some Scandinavian countries have already started thinning popular large tiles, while in China the past two years have begun to appear a lot of these tiles. Plus Chinese consumers are more popular in the big book of tiles, so some companies have begun making big thinning tile production, but currently have not yet formed a complete production and marketing system. However, this trend has been unstoppable, the more popular large thin tile size is about 800 * 800 such models, and more than one meter of tile is still relatively small, but consumers are not so quick to adapt to this kind of excessive tiles. 

       So the production of such large thinning tiles for bathroom ceramics business, what kind of request? Fact, these with specific production technologies and processes and not much matter, because only a change in the area of tile it, then there are tile thickness problem. We are here mainly to explore the area from the tile, then we need to transform the production equipment rather than replace, but for small businesses, but this cost is not small, generally at least be more than five hundred thousand yuan or more. Therefore, in terms of the transformation, some companies may encounter some trouble and do not want to transform the device. 

       However, these sanitary ceramics enterprises do not worry too much, because these large format tiles on the walls is mainly intended use only, and in accordance with specifications of the current domestic production of ceramic tiles, the tile size for indoor use is completely enterprises have been able to produce out of specification, so the current domestic tile market is mainly dominated by the specifications of tiles, and this trend will not be in just a couple of years there have been major changes. However, in view of future demand, companies should still make early plans to seek a better development.

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