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Tile market trend of product development direction is large and thin

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Say 2012 is the ceramic industry in the history of the most difficult year, "up" everywhere, "difficult" than sound. But then tough winter after all this disappointment to turn articles. 2013, industry news of success, market rebound emerged. This is the hope of the coming of spring, or just a "policy market" temporary shelter? 

2013 has been more than half reduction is still the trend, high inventory remains worrying; inkjet printing industry is still hot, homemade inks are catching up; digital, intelligent era, industry leaders have done their best to upgrade quietly producing rife; whole cast glaze, ceramic stone, antique brick is still popular, category innovation provoke market turmoil; urbanization continued to promote the manufacturing sector looking to "create" new heights. People are faced with a variety of changes, a variety of new thinking of the impact of the new model. Era of innovation, the pains are temporary, only change is eternal survival. Although the fog vast industry visionary hearts since uncertain. 

Market rebound 

Event Review: ceramics industry in the first half of 2013, compared with last year's "devastated" by "spring" to describe not too, summed up in one word: warmer. 

Since the end of the Spring Festival, 3.15 approaching, the major building materials markets and stores have been open for business, traffic and a steady increase in trading volume, as in 2013 the building materials industry has made to open the door color. Then a quarter, the market spring, enterprises at full capacity. Although some of the new production lines quickly put into production, the rapid growth of production capacity, but still can not fully meet the needs of the market, so there clerk back to the factory to "grab goods" anomaly. 

A well-known business executives, according to industry sources, compared to the second half of 2012, the majority of ceramic enterprises in the first half sales increased 30% -40%, showing that the ceramic market in 2012 after experiencing the winter, has been the early pick up. Market is beginning to pick up, major companies, brands and vigorously expand sales channels and digging has been noticed, brands, distribution channels nationwide frontline areas began to force recognition of the consumer groups gradually increase brand products quickly popular. 

Industry Watch: In fact, back in late 2012, it was predicted that there will be 2013's ceramic market is relatively signs of recovery over the past year, which is largely out of the grasp of national policy interpretation. Of course, pick up this "policy market" does not mean that around under the ceramic industry completely out of the economic doldrums, exports Difficult morass, the current market can only be said to be the beginning of a ceramic warmer now, the prospect to be watching. 

From another perspective, the market recovery for ordinary low-end products is undoubtedly a two-edged sword hanging over the head. First, the current situation, polished production technology is mature, polished era in addition to the individual to accumulate a higher visibility of the brand, other brands are "profit to be made." At the same time, microcrystalline stone sales still topped terminal sales price list, but only a handful of truly mature technology manufacturers; Secondly, the industry turned to a full toss hot glaze, requiring manufacturers to make adjustments on the production line; then, from the energy, resources, environmental protection and other aspects of pressure, forcing some obsolete production lines facing elimination, a series of production adjustments to each input also cause some pressure on the low-end profit brand. In addition, the market rebound could bring production overheating, overcapacity and other circumstances, SMEs are able to safely shut crossing is still an unknown. 

Category breakdown 

Event Review: homogenization of construction ceramics industry, the price of scrimmage phenomenon has been criticized severely hinder the healthy development of the industry. But there are companies adept at identifying market opportunities, waiting in the wings, innovative product category.

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