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Tile new standard brewing industry consolidation is accelerating

Source: | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Since last September 1, the new "ceramic tile national standard" officially began, as opposed to the old national standard, ceramic tiles new national standard, not only in reference to the indicators in more detail, but also for tile packaging developed strict rules, better protect the interests of consumers. Suddenly, the standard has been implemented two months, however, the reaction Jincheng ceramics market is flat, many consumers are unaware of this. Moreover, some of the big brand tile sales staff for the implementation of the new national standard do not understand. However, according to industry professionals analyze, in this calm market forms, the industry has been quietly integration. 

     Market reaction was muted 

     New version of "ceramic tile national standard" promulgated, market acceptance do? Reporters found mostly in the Sea of ceramic tile market price tag, there are still differences between grade quality product, qualified goods. Reporters random survey of more than consumers generally do not know tiles found a new national standard, there is only one consumer said in the news seems to have seen the implementation of the new standard tile, it is not clear what specific content. Consumers unaware, yet understandable, after all, is the industry standard, but the reporter asked a number of tiles in the brand and found that even being asked salespeople do not know this standard. 

     Tile new standard brewing industry consolidation is accelerating 

     Integration is brewing 

     Although the sales market reaction was flat, but for most ceramic tile manufacturer, the implementation of the new national standard ceramic tiles are not a very common thing. Champion, Oceano, Bode, Asia, and other brands Dongpeng that, compared to the old standard, the biggest benefit is that the new national standard ceramic tiles uniform standards throughout the industry to accelerate the integration of the speed of the ceramic tile industry. Earlier, the domestic production of ceramic tiles because the origin is too scattered, each of the regional implementation of product standards are not the same, there are local standards, regional standards, national standards. Today, the implementation of the new national standard ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles improve the technical indicators, and strengthen the quality of the product. 

     Health weak back strong 

     Reporters unannounced visits to the ceramics market and found that the new GB elevation facing major technological barriers or small businesses, with well-known brands for large enterprises, the implementation of the "enterprise standard" is much higher than the national standard. For example 600mm × 600mm polished edge straightness error value, according to the national standard conversion is ± 1.2mm, and general corporate internal control will be around 0.5mm, some even up to 0.2 ~ 0.3mm. Bode tiles dealer told reporters:. "Famous brand products than on doing when, often with corporate standards, Euro II standards, national standards together for comparison, is usually higher than the other two standard enterprise standard as the market continues to develop, well-known companies will be more powerful, increasing market share, small businesses would have to exit the market. "

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