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Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 02, 2015 we attended 15th stone fair


Each year thousands of stone suppliers, makers and merchants from all over the world will gather in the city for the annual Xiamen Stone Fair, which has been viewed as a miniature model of developmental trends for the stone industry globally.


 Now entering its 15th year, the Xiamen Stone Fair has grown to be a prestigious international trade fair with rising influence and popularity. we attended stone fair every year,we were in D007 booth.


Xiamen is a speciallized supplier of granite,marble and other natural stones. We have own stone factory in  Nan'an City, which is near to Xiamen port. Xiamen supply china g654 granite,g654 granite china,chinese g654 granite,g654 granite tile,g654 granite slab,g654 granite pavers,g654 granite step,g654 granite riser,g654 granite pavement,g654 granite kerbstone,g654 granite kerbs,g654 granite countertop,g654 granite swimming pool cope,g654 granite pool coping stone,g654 granite cobble,g654 granite cube, flamed g654 granite tile, flamed g654 granite slabs,flamed g654 granite slabs,g654 granite big slab,g654 granite gang saw slabs,g654 granite gangsaw slabs, g654 big slabs, g654 slabs, g654 tile, granite g654,etc.


 In the future, Xiamen will continue its role as a leading platform for global stone import and export, and further develop itself into the world’s stone purchase, information and cultural exchange center.


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