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Dongfeng Riding Cross-border Electricity Supplier Of Building Materials Is Expected To Fas

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

In China, a long-term cross-border electricity supplier faltering clearance has been the biggest barriers to cross-border e-commerce transactions. Cross-border logistics and cross-border electricity supplier has been dragging the hind legs. Today, clearance integration plug-tech wings, to cross-border electricity supplier unlimited space. Cross-border electricity building materials rode east, is expected to fast forward. 

     Integration of continuous fermentation clearance 

     From July 1 this year, as a first step integration of Beijing, Tianjin and clearance reform, the Customs Department to implement this policy in the first two places in Beijing and Tianjin. After the implementation of branch offices in different parts of the enterprise is equivalent to the same customs clearance. From October 1, the reform will expand to Hebei Province, Beijing, Tianjin and three clearance to achieve integration. 

     Customs Department spokesman Zhang Chi on the 16th introduced since September 22 was officially opened in Shijiazhuang customs clearance area clearance integration methods, which marks the area of Beijing, Tianjin customs clearance integration started. 

     China Customs data show that as of September 10, Beijing and Tianjin, two off to declare a total integration declarations 901,400 votes, average daily 12,500 votes. 

     Dongfeng riding cross-border electricity supplier of building materials is expected to fast forward 

     General Administration of Customs recently announced its decision in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Hefei, Nanchang, Wuhan, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guiyang and Kunming Customs start Yangtze River Economic Belt customs clearance regional integration reforms. 

     Learn from the experience of regional integration of Beijing, Tianjin clearance to the Northeast, "six off four inspection" cooperation mechanism for the realization of the platform, Dalian, Shenyang, two off during the year clearance integration "province" service, and then further promote the Northeast "integrated global clearance . "

     On this basis, the Customs Department plans to open next year in the country to push off the integration, and the actual implementation progress or faster than planned. 

     Enterprise cost reduction and efficiency of customs clearance 

     Later this year, just in the zone of water Hirsch plant siting of new building materials (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., the first batch of 21 containers imported a total of 121 tons of goods need customs clearance, in less than a day's time Banjie All cargo clearance procedures, saving the business operating hours and operating costs. 

     A survey shows that in Beijing 14 000 long-term import and export business of the enterprise, or about two-thirds required from Tianjin Port in Hebei complete clearance. In 2013, total trade amounted to 612.5 billion U.S. dollars in Beijing, Tianjin region, accounting for 14.7 percent of China's total import and export trade, the actual utilization of the three totaled 32.02 billion U.S. dollars of foreign investment, with an average increase of 4.32 percentage points higher than the national growth rate. Thus, Beijing, Tianjin and three to achieve clearance integration for enterprises to significantly reduce costs, customs clearance efficiency will be improved significantly. 

     According to preliminary estimates, in the integration of clearance mode, Tianjin enterprises to save at least eight hours by the airport customs clearance of import and export goods, on the way shipping can save about 30%. It should be said, "clearance integration" for building materials enterprises optimize the allocation of logistics resources, cost savings will be enormous good will benefit many building materials enterprises. 

     General Administration of Customs spokesman Zheng Yue noted that a clearance for enterprise integration can save about customs clearance costs 20% -30%, reduce logistics costs by 20% -30%, these measures will make no small contribution to the development of foreign trade. 

     "For businesses away from the customs, if customs at the port, import and export logistics costs high. Implement clearance integration, companies can take advantage of 'territorial declaration, port clearance' model, breaking the port restrictions, simplification of procedures, the real 'a declaration, one inspection and one release', thus effectively improving the clearance rate. realize the advantages of inland customs and port customs complementary use of enterprise integration model clearance can be arranged according to their production, logistics and marketing business needs, choose the mode of clearance, customs clearance procedures. thus expand the enterprise channel clearance, customs clearance has become more flexible. "Associate Professor of management 杜培枫 Tianjin Normal University, said in an interview with reporters. 

     Du Peifeng further analyzed, integrated clearance directly affect business performance and building materials business costs, such as sales margins, cost of sales ratio and expense ratio during the sale, more directly reflected in transportation costs, inventory turnover and working capital turnover wait a few key indicators. Annual data from the flush display, transportation costs listed construction companies in 2010-2013 generated an average of up to 40.3 million per year -5144 million, gross profit margin from a high point in 2011 began to fall, inventory turnover days from 2010's 147.3 heaven rise in 2013 of 195.4 days. 

     "After the integration of the implementation of customs clearance, at least be able to import and export business of building materials enterprises to provide convenient and efficient customs clearance services, directly reduce their costs, which will affect some of the above key financial indicators, such as regionalization clearance services will guide advanced enterprise after the district declaration, batch access and centralized reporting, improve efficiency and reduce transport costs, in the case of customs clearance and border costs, improve sales gross margin will inevitably bring down inventory costs, while also shortening the inventory turnover the number of days in the integrated model clearance, import and export inspection of goods in transit, the port customs clearance, you can choose the means of transport by the enterprise directly transport; export cargo shipment within 24 hours before the arrival of customs supervision by the customs inspection clearance, customs supervision is no longer used vehicles. "Du Peifeng of road. 

     Regional director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Renmin University of China, said Chen Xiushan clearance integration Apparently help form a unified national market, particularly the country's logistics more efficiently on a larger scale, more professional manner organizations, businesses will also be on the regional distribution of the country have greater choice, and the relatively backward areas are also more integrated use of customs clearance and give full play to its comparative advantage. 

     Boost cross-border electricity supplier of building materials 

     "For building materials businesses, heavier materials such as flooring, only through the logistics and transport, the cost really is not a small burden. Logistics very accurate billing, billing by weight and distance. Transport more than one kilometer each, means that costs will increase. Moreover, some parts of large brittle materials, there are chemical products, which are widely believed to be the electricity supplier industry flawed, its logistics costs may be several times the ordinary commodity. "a Director of Sales of building materials enterprises in an interview with reporters complained. 

     In the cross-border electricity supplier operations, logistics is a vital link. However, dragged down by the global economic downturn, China's logistics industry is slow, dragged severely electricity supplier of building materials development hind legs. Future cross-border electricity providers must be equipped with efficient logistics and customs clearance before solve the "cross-border logistics restrict cross-border electricity supplier" issue. 

     Our country is a major exporter of building materials, with export growth increased scale, cross-border logistics efficient or not essential. Commerce Department data show that from January to August 2014, the building materials exports $ 19.7 billion, an increase of 16.3%, including building and sanitary ceramics exports $ 5.9 billion, an increase of 30%; building stone exports $ 3.9 billion, an increase of 14.8 %; architectural and technical glass exports $ 3.1 billion, an increase of 12.6%. The main merchandise exports maintained a rapid growth momentum. 

     Restricting cross-border electricity cross-border logistics providers, overseas warehouse is fetal movement here. Overseas trade warehouse that is, from the network trading platform, logistics service providers independently or together for the seller to provide goods targeted at sales, warehousing, sorting, packaging and delivery of one-stop control and management services. "Cross-border e-commerce + overseas warehouse" new mode of foreign trade of China Building Materials Group, which is a useful attempt made in this regard. 

     July 2, China Customs formally launched the cross-border electricity supplier China Customs export clearance unified version management system, open a new era of cross-border electricity supplier. It establishes a new regulatory model of e-commerce cross-border trade. It is understood that the system relies on e-port platform, and electricity suppliers, logistics, payment companies and efficient docking, through the "list of nuclear release, the summary declaration", to achieve convenient customs clearance and effective supervision, to facilitate business enterprise for export tax rebates, settlement procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce business costs. 

     In this regard, GF Securities analyst Pursuing and Choosing analysis, simplified customs clearance procedures and data integration, in hindsight management, centralized bonded, etc., is very conducive to scattered imported, you can get through restricting the development of cross-border electricity supplier main bottlenecks, but also help traders to reduce the cost of traditional customs clearance, steering C2B custom mode from the bulk. Bonded exhibition and trade outside stores to implement the library linkage, reducing traditional trade inventory risk.

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