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Functional Tile Suffer Cold Treatment On The Market

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

With the increasing consumer awareness of functional tiles also make it have a certain understanding, now functional ceramic tiles in the market has been so sought after by consumers as before, is now functional tile suffered cold treatment. In particular, the performance of the most evident signs of functional tile many shop owners said business is hard to do, its functionality tiles in a month's trading volume appeared to zero in on the network situation really a lot. Many consumers said that rather than seeking to buy a tile called seeking safety features for the business vaunted health care, sterilization, radiation protection and other functions skeptical, so might as well buy cost-effective tiles not to select these expensive features of tiles. 

Consumers have serious doubts Functional tile views 

Zhang said consumers currently functional porcelain it is difficult to make people believe it, he was an insight into the functionality of a section of a tile in a large well-known building materials stores, says moisture, negative ions, sterilization, etc. function, actually there is such a tile many functions that he is really unbelievable. He said that a friend had bought tiles known to rapidly bactericidal, but after installation it has not found any sterilization tile role is simply something Bluff businesses only. 

Reporters in a large mall of more than consumers interviewed, 70% of respondents said they would not buy more than consumers functional tiles, but only less than one percent of people said they would buy functional tiles, as well as two adults, said the situation is not very understanding so look to decide whether to buy the tiles. For this reason consumers are generally functional tiles are not favored, sales for this business functional ceramic tile industry in the case of poor also suffered dismal situation. 

Functional tile mostly boast 

Industry insider said the current functionality of tile on the market in fact most of them are bragging about it, the so-called proof, radiation protection and other functions, but is the business posted up label, but the label to its price has brought great changes, transformed ordinary tile has become a more than ten dollars a piece on the hundred dollars radiation, sterilization and other functions as one of the tiles. 

Functional tile flooding the market eventually resulted in the lack of trust of their consumers, and thus is very unfavorable for businesses because it not only affects the sales, the image of the ceramic sanitary ware industry also had no small impact. In today's competitive landscape is becoming increasingly brutal market conditions if they lose the trust of consumers, it will have a major impact on the sales of businesses, for which companies must pay attention to integrity in order to win the trust of the market.

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