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Future Technology Trends Tile Products

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

China Ceramic development has been sitting on two-thirds of the world's production is polished win over all opponents, and one reason, in addition to the cost advantage of China to establish standard, more importantly, thanks to the continuous upgrading of domestic industries and technology continuous innovation. After nearly three decades of rapid development, independent innovation, China's ceramic industry has made great achievements. Only technical originality, for example, to include collection of ceramics and ceramic materials longer than the one of the "glass-ceramic composite ceramic tiles," decorative fabric tiles bring revolutionary approach "anti-playing powder technology," not transparent tile rewrite history the "translucent materials," creative decoration of defects "imitation travertine tiles" can purify "anion glazed" environment, called a model of green building materials "lightweight ceramic crystal cube" and fundamentally solve the a polished product antifouling "nano antifouling technology" and so on. 

Currently, the overall development of three tile products tend to blur. One product category boundaries will become increasingly blurred: a variety of methods and technology decorative cross and used to subvert the product category tiles, tiles, matt tiles and other traditional sense, such as polished crystal tile is combined with a craft and decorative tiles matt glass - ceramics, glazed tiles and throwing is combined with a polished, glazed, matt three characteristics of the product, is a typical "cross-border" products. Second, product specifications has become increasingly blurred boundaries: With the widespread use of large size thin brick, sheet products such as cold pop and cutting technology, in addition to the traditional specifications of 300 × 600,600 × 600,800 × 800 and so on size, in practical applications, after the cutting of the new specification and the irregular geometry of the products will be more and more. Third, also tends to blur the concept of tiles: With the prevalence of overall space design, wall glazed tiles from the tiles to come down to earth, from the wall and floor tiles matt go-between takes all the ancillary products, integrated applications have become common practice , and mix and match and cross-border integrated application will also become the main theme of the future of space design. 

Throughout the world, the foundation for economic development in the manufacturing sector, while the manufacturing sector is the basis of industrial technology. Currently, the global ceramic pattern undercurrent surging, the financial crisis and the energy crisis guide the economic downturn. Concern in a low-carbon economy, lower consumption of cultural diversity in the background, we need to rethink, China Ceramic technology and products are to follow the inertia occasional bright spots develop or change course? We also need to re-imagine, China Ceramic can generate more product innovation, environmental breakthroughs and technological revolution in this changing situation, which began to grasp some of the discourse of global ceramic technology and standards? 

Imagine the future of tile technology, environmentally friendly, functional innovation and materials is undoubtedly the most complex as the development direction. 

First of all, the future values of tile-friendly technologies inevitable trend and the environment in general, and assume more responsibility for the environment. For example: Hydrophilic tile, indoor humidity, can absorb moisture from the air, when the room is dry and then gradually released, play a role in regulating air humidity; hydrophobic tiles, while bearing in reducing exterior also has a self-cleaning function; assembled tile, tile design on the card tenon structure, change the existing cement mortar paving method, allowing easy installation and removal, tile realize reusable, so not only can save a lot of resources and energy, but also for the consumer those on the popular tile provides great convenience ...... chase on the nature of meaning, a responsibility to develop environment-friendly low-carbon economy era tile just given, but also means a new development opportunities, and even once in charge of global Ceramic environmental technology authority opportunity. 

Secondly, the future of tile will reflect the functional integration of innovative technologies through a variety of cross, so that the surface of the tile upgraded from simple decorating material for the new multi-functional materials. For example: photochromic tile, produced under different illumination such as fluorescent light, color and other effects to enrich their means of decoration, but also saving energy, in the dark luminous used as security identity; thermotropic tiles can change the room temperature when discoloration, produce different decorative effect; heated tile, by changing the internal structure or laying tile heating, hot water and other devices, etc., so that the tile with the function of regulating the temperature, can be widely used in bedrooms, bathrooms and other places; piezoelectric ceramic tile, when pressure is applied to produce a current in the tiles, it is used for indoor floor, the pressure produced by human walking and accumulated charge to provide energy for the building lighting ...... 

There is concern in materials technology, along with nanotechnology, as well as light-cured powder coating technology, combined heat curing technology and ceramics, will feature a variety of materials set of organic, inorganic, such as occurs in one of the new composite tiles. These, will become a new member of the family next tile, and inject new vitality into the future tiles, add new charm. 

Science and technology are primary productive forces, but also an indispensable tool for national industrial hegemony, pottery traditional powers Italy and Spain in the China Ceramic Industry aggressive offensive posture, still dominate the field and steady monopoly right to speak, relying on its powerful precisely technological competitiveness. Pro Yuan Xian fish, as retreat webs. Ceramic industry in the future in the global game, Chinese ceramic enterprises in particular, need vision to grasp the technology and product trends in the future tiles, forge ahead, continuou

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