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How To Choose Suitable Stone Material For The Countertop And Vanity Top ?

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 19, 2015

Different customers in different markets and in different countries have different preferences,    so  what kind stones are the most suitable ones is not an absolute thing.But in  General, stone countertops have to choose those stones materials with big density,strong/hard, and have with good decorative effect.such as  granite,marble, artificial quartz  stone,marmoglass,etc

Different materials are with different advantage and disadvantages, and  different materials have with different textures,  decorative effect and thus the prices are different.   For example, 

1). Granite countertops, granite worktop, granite  benchtop,  granite vanity top: Granite stone is hard,strong and cheaper than marble and artificial quartz  stone, but some cheap  granite is not so looks so attractive  like marble and artifificial quartz stones. For lower budget, granite stone  countertop is of the best choice. Many people in America,Europe, Australia,  Brazil,etc, they like the countertop to by natural granite stones, white color  and black color and yellow color,etc. expecially the china black granite  countertop, black granite worktop is expensive, but it is still popular in many  countries. 

2). Marble countertops,marble worktop, mable vanity  top:   Marble are more brittle and with difficult process,always be with higher prices, but with a better ornate decorative patterns. marble have more color changeing, and special  veins look. for example, beige marble countertop, or white marble countertop,  white marble vanity top, etc. customers mostly like marble countertop in beige,  white, brown color. 

3). Artificial quartz stone countertop: it is of new composite material that can imitate a variety of textures and patterns of natural stone effect. In addition, on-site post-processing very tight, very hard, and there is no radiation,  harmless. but it is of much  expensive than many natural stones. 

4) White marmoglass countertop, it is  of new composite mateirals, super white color only, good color, no radiation, harmless, but not so hard as natural  stones. the  selling point for this products is that this stone is with super white color.  the price is expensive than most granite and marble  materials.      

Chinestone  is a specialized factory and supplier of granite and other stone  countertop,benchtop, worktop,vanity top,   Expecially  we have lots options of  good granite countertops, from low budget ones to  higher budget ones.   China  black granite countertop,  black granite vanity top, black granite worktop,  black granite table top,   G603  granite countertop,  G603 granite vanity top, G603 granite worktop, G603 granite  table top,   G682  granite countertop,  G682 granite vanity top, G682 granite worktop, G682 granite  table top,   G664  granite countertop,  G664 granite vanity top, G664 granite worktop, G664 granite  table top,   Black  Galaxy Granite countertop, black galaxy granite vanity top, black galaxy granite  worktop, black galaxy granite table top,   that are  sold very well and be very popular for many foreign  markets.

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