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Increased Demand For Personalized Decoration Antique Tiles Popular Market

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

With the demand for personalized decoration also increasing gradually popular antique brick tile market. Nevertheless, how many users really understand renovated antique tiles it? Many also just stay in the "nice but the price is high," the impression. Thus, nine are related to antique brick building materials network launched universal investigation. 

Antique tiles popular market, but users do not understand Bacheng 

In nearly a week's time, a lot of friends involved in the investigation. As of press time ago statistics showed that 80% of users said they do not know antique brick, but almost all users are interested in understanding antique brick. This also explains the existence of its charm or antique brick, the future potential of antique ceramic tiles industry is quite large. 

In antique tiles on the current market price of the survey, 27.78 percent of users said the price is too expensive, while nearly forty percent of users chose the "uneven" option. For varying reasons antique brick market, respondents believe that the most important thing is still the product quality. 

Demand for personalized products escalate into incentives 

With the rapid development of architectural ceramics industry, tiles appear in a lot of new categories. According to Xiao Bian learned that in recent years has changed a lot for consumer awareness tiles. From the small size tiles beginning to glaze tiles and then the whole cast and ceramic stone, consumers are increasingly focused on individuality and diversity, and antique tiles in personalization is deeply attracted consumers. 

According to experts, antique tiles initially use primarily in the home alone space, such as balconies and outdoor space, now has gradually become the preferred full set of married paving program. The antique brick market is also better, from the previous single show to showroom display, major brands are competing to be comparable. 

Antique brick purchase price becomes subject to the limitations of the fuse? 

Currently, Nanjing antique brick diversified market trend in color is also not limited to the monotonous gray and yellow color, bursting out with a different kind of product charm. Although many consumers are on the antique brick "love at first sight", but some of them are subject to certain factors and eventually give up.

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