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New Promotion O2O Model For Stone Industry

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

In the past two years, Many stone enterprises in Fujian and other area of China are under difficult position. One hand it's because of the domestic real estate market downturn,and the exportation volume downurn caused by economy crisis.On the other hand, the building materials industry are overcapacity, resulting in profit sharp down and anti-risk alibity reduction for the stone industry. Taking Fujian Stone Industry as an example, almost every stone enterprises have inventory stocks, in order to get funds back sooner, many enterprises always sell in very low or even negative profit.

The specialist of stone industry analyse that,stone industry don't reach a substantial development in recent years, mainly because the entire industry products have a high homogeneity between, making the shortage of competitiveness; and stone enterprises do not pay attention to their own brand building,so it is difficult to have the brand premium on.

The Internet Marketing on the rising are gradually attracted by many Stone Enterprises, like the traditional B2B mode,also the innovation mode of O2O. More and more facts prove that, the network promotion and with offline experience is the way to find a breakthrough. "it is very necessary to do O2O to promote our stone products." Xiamen Chine stone company general manager Leo Deng said, "we use the local chinese granite,chinese marble stones, also imported stone Armenia gold, and we work with Japan SAI team of designers, to optimizate the cooperative structure. we bulit our villa using our stones and stones from other suppliers, by which customers can come to see what they look like". it is much better  than only look at the stone pictures or project sketch.through the o2o online promotion and the offline villa experiences, customer have a directly idea of what stones they want and where and which stone colors they want to use.

For stone O2O promotion, It first has to let customers easily find you (online), and then let the customer to experience the real project (offline), after we do good job on this step than it can enter a optimum C2B mode. otherwise, There is a lack of basic understanding and communication between the enterprise and the customer.The specialist says, at present the best stone business model should be  O2O to C2B, from the enterprise network promption, finally settled on the actual needs of customers, to achieve the abutment between stone suppliers and customers., which is dominant on the production of granite and other natural stones in Fujian,China. since many customers prefer super white building stones, we introduce the super white artificial building stone " crystallized white stone, white marmoglass, crystallized white glass, white nanoglass" from others.  we are the sell agent of this kind of super white marmoglass for many years.  we can supply   crystallized white stone, white marmoglass, crystallized white glass, white nanoglass by  crystallized white stone tile, white marmoglass tile, crystallized white glass tile, white nanoglass tile,  crystallized white stone slab, white marmoglass slab, crystallized white glass slab, white nanoglass slab, crystallized white stone  countertop, white marmoglass countertop, crystallized white glass countertop, white nanoglass countertop, marmoglass countertop, nanoglass countertop, If you are interest in this kind of products,please contact us freely. we can send its photos and pricing information.

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