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The Most Time-consuming And Labor-intensive To Buy Tile Decoration Tile Homework Time To G

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Most families use the site mainly tiled living room, bathroom, kitchen floor and wall. Tiles until you are ready to buy, you can independently design, model rooms and other ways to see, the idea of good tile colors and styles. Inadequate lighting living room, you can choose the color slightly lighter tiles. Families with older elderly, try to choose a good slip resistance tiles. More home lighting, or furniture, doors and windows brightness is relatively high, reflecting the degree of tile should not choose too high, in order to avoid visual pollution. 

Tile area using different spaces are not the same size. The living area is relatively large, the ground can use the side length 60 cm or 80 cm square tiles; kitchen, bathroom and other space is relatively small, ground tile side length can be set to 50 cm or 30 cm; tile walls can also use smaller some. 

After all the idea is good, detailed measurements of the size and quantity of each kind of tiles needed to play 10-15% of the loss amount. Some tiles exist between each batch of color, if not enough to buy a one-time, adding the words dues tough one.

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