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Tile Industry Situation Is Grim, Marble Tile Breakout Adversity

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

2013, Foshan ceramics industry vicissitudes of the year, with foreign anti-dumping duties and enable the ceramic technology to improve the standard of Chinese ceramic enterprises abroad being besieged. But had the house seemingly endless rain, another high pressure domestic policy approach. According to the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association executive vice president, said the Secretary-General Miao Bin Chaozhou in China producing sanitary ceramics research, the Ministry has plans to "Thirteen Five" period of industrial enterprises PM2.5 testing, the future does not comply with the relevant environmental standards of the enterprise will all be shut down, the ceramic industry is still in the "vanguard" identity brunt become the object of governance. 

2014 ceramic industry can be described in the "internal and external" situation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2013, there are only 200 of Foshan ceramics pottery small and medium enterprises closed down, which dealt a heavy blow to the Foshan ceramics industry, in 2014 the first half of July, Henan Zhongfu Ceramics Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Australia Ceramics Co., Ltd. , Hunan, China ceramics Co., Ltd. 3 male ceramic enterprises have been caught in the collapse of the crisis, the collapse of producing ceramic enterprises are frequent accidents. The first half of 2014 our tile market is not optimistic, based on current information released shows that because the real estate sales slump, sales in the first half of the national situation occurs tile market fell sharply, particularly in some areas more than a few percent decline in the extent of fifty, and only in the spring after a slight rise in March and April there, the rest of the increase and the 2013 year are declining. 

Around the times of adversity marble tiles 

Although the industry is more severe ecological environment, but some relatively good market performance single category of products for the industry in the "cold" feel a little warmth. Marble tile is such a meteoric rise in the tough market environment single category, maintaining a more optimistic growth rate, compelling. Traced the history of marble tile, we know that since 2009 a simple ceramic tile marble initiative since the beginning of 2010 more and more enterprises to enter the field of marble tiles; 2012, many new brands or re-positioning of the brand have played "Marble tile "slogan; to 2013, marble tile market described as fast. 

Jane marble tiles on Zhilin Li Tao Bo chairman has said, "I am not afraid of competition, I am not afraid to imitate, the prospect of a large marble tile, we need everyone to make the pie bigger." He believes that the current market space marble tiles also very broad, industry colleagues need to work together, Jane a pioneer in this field as an obligation to lead the development of the industry, only a growing number of ceramic enterprises to join the ranks of the marble tiles, can develop in the competition, this category can do bigger and stronger. Jane marble tile marble tile as a benchmark for companies in this category, with its products and technology, in the second quarter of 2014 is to win more than 40% of high-growth, achieving a marble tile sales, sales, market share the rate of three first goal. 

Anwar marble tile marble tile in the same way a market performance of people in this category inspired brand, its presence in the field of marble tile varieties since the proportion of total sales hit record highs. Cheng Zhen, general manager Anwar Ceramics Division in the second period marble tile Sharon said: In the future, Anwar tile will continue to increase research and development efforts in the marble tiles. In addition, more than a year of preparations, One marble tile brand is also officially unveiled in May this year. No. One marble tile CEO 翁文平 in swearing on bluntly: to enter this new field fancy marble tiles because of its market prospects.

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