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Transformation Of Stone Mining And Production Bases Brings New Opportunities And Challenges

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2015
Recently at the stone exhibition ,we are always be told that, the stone mines in somewhere are to be closed down, a new Stone Industrial Zone is to be built up in somewhere, and a new big stone market is to be established in somewhere. It's a signal to tell us that the transfer of stone production area is overwhelming. Many companies find out the more business opportunities and adjust their development direction when stone industry meets re-layout period . Also some others are changed the stone business into another field. Therefore, China's stone industry is now faceing with the multiple contradictory of production structure, product structure, excess capacity & ecological restoration. The National People's Congress made new policy on the resource tax "tax to be measured by value instead of by weight", it is to convey to us that China's stone industry will enter a deep period of adjustment.

On this point, many insight company and people in the industry has already on action., which is dominant on the production of granite and other natural stones, are now trying to find, exploite and use new type of granite and other stones. chinestone use them to subsitute those old stones that are no longer to supply in future (some because the stone quarry are closed, and some stone resources quarries used up). and they have put onto the markets for sometime,and turned to be very sucessfuly. the new stones have been selling to the old customers and also many new and potiential markets. ...

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The adjustment of the stone industry is underway.

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