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Use The Right Natural Stones In The Right Place

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2015

It is easy to find natural stones like granite, marble,slate,sandstone,etc from the stone markets. Among them, natural granite stone are  marble stone are used much often. Granite is a kind of decorative stone from magma and silicate minerals, it is characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resis tance, small changes in the patterns,low water absorption. and Marble are mainly in various carbonate or magnesium carbonate, its texture is soft, pure color, special pattern , decorative, higher water absorption than granite stone.


After know these characteristics, customers like you can choose the right stones to used in the right place you need. it can be done with your preferred texture, color, specifications according to your own preferences,according to the different place they want to used the stones, and according to the structure/ layout of room,furniture, electrical appliances,etc.


In general, for dining room, kitchen, in order to prevent the stains from vegetable juice, tea, wine, fruit juice etc.. it's better to use dark color granite or marble stones that with low absorption, for example it can choose Imperial red granite, china black granite,shanxi black granite, black marble, green marble, red marble,etc. For the living room, it can use some bright color stones, like white granite, white carrara marble,beige mable,etc. And for the bathroom, it's  suitable for choose marble with lighter color,pure white, white grey, light beige, etc. and To use white, pink granite or marble stone to renovate the kitchen and bathroom area, that can give us with clean, bright and simple feeling.  and use multicolor stone mosaic to decorate the library or reception room can give use warm feelings. The bedroom is completely decided by customers' preferences, any color marble or granite can be used. For Countertop, table top, windowsill, stove, tea table top, it is best to use natural granite, it's popular to use black granite,  yellow granite, blue granite, brown granite and white marble, beige marble for them.


We is a professional factory and supplier of china granite tile, china granite slab,china granite countertop,other stone products.We here have rich resources of natural stones, like white grey granite G603,G655, G623, G640, grey granite G654, black granite G684, shanxi black granite, yellow granite G682, rose pink granite G635, light rose brown granite G664, G687, G648. we supply all kinds of granite tile, granite slabs, granite countertop, granite kerbstone, granite stairs, granite pavers to countries all over the world. we are happy to proposed the right stones for customers' specific requirements. if you want low budget and cheap stones, we can quote you the same. if you want to buy many different sizes of stone products for a small project, we can do it.  and if you want buy other things except stone, we can help you to organize to ship in in the same shipment with the stones from us.


Different customers from different markets have different preferrences on the usage of granite or marble stones, on the colors/ types of the stones, etc.but among them, the black granite stone turns to be popular for almost all countries. from chinestone, you can find competitive prices and good quality of black granite tile, black granite slab, black granite countertop, black granite pavers, black granite stairs, china black granite tile, china black granite slab, china black granite countertop,china black granite pavers, china black granite kerbstone, aboslute black granite tile,absolute black granite slab, absolute black countertop, pure black granite tile, pure black granite slab, pure black granite countertop, shanxi black granite tile, shanxi black granite stone, shanxi black granite slab, shanxi black granite countertop, shanxi black granite windowsill, shanxi black granite headstone, shanxi black granite tombstone, shanxi black granite vanity top, shanxi black granite tile 305, shanxi black granite 610*610., black granite g684, black granite tile g684, g684 black granite tile, g684 black granite slabs, g684 black granite paves, g684 black granite swimming pool cope stone, g684 black granite cobble, black granite cobble stone.


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