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We Chinese New G682 Granite Slabs Are On Sale

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 22, 2014

How granite factory to survive and develop when local government had pubulished policy to control the well-knowed G682 granite quarries ?This is really a headache problem for many local stone factory and stone trading company.


for example, there is a famous rusty yellow granite called "G682" granite in Nan"an of Fujian province.

This stone was sold in big quantity by G682 granite slabs G682 granite tile G682 granite paver g682 granite countertop,G682 granite kerbs, etc to many countries all over the world.

but since year 2012 or around, the local government aimed to protect the envirornment, they published policy to control the exploitation of G682 granite quarry.  Many factory,expecially those who majored in G682 granite slabs and other G682 granite stone products, have encountered a big problem which haven't encountered ever before.


we Chinestone company act as soon as this problem happened, we start to find  other stones for the consistent production. firstly we fistly start to do small G682 granite tiles G682 granite slabs G682 granite kerbs by other substitutes G682 granite stones, which are from Zhangzhou,Fujian.  then we invest big money millions yuan to bring in the New G682 granite stone big raw blocks from Hubei province and Shandong Province in China, these granites are the subsitutes of the oringal G682 granite in Nan'an, they can be done by big gang saw slab sizes, but haven't be much proposed to foreign customers.

It's price is even cheaper than the original quarry one, now its G682 granite slab max sizes can only be 2500x1300,2600*1400mm, and we can also supply smaller G682 granite slabs  G682 granite tile G682 granite paver g682 granite countertop,G682 granite kerbs and others as per customized sizes.  our stone factory is just 40minutes to Xiamen city, now except G682 granite slabs, we also do lots of G603 granite slabs, G664 Granite slabs. after more than 1year's, more and more customers start to accept this substitutes.  and we are confident that it can be sold even better after it become more and more famous, just like those old stone used for dozen years. We as other chinese stone factory are to welcome the new challenge. We are sure we can surive and developed as we have 15years business foundation.

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