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What Kind Of Tiles For Laying In The Bedroom

Xiamen Chine Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 21, 2014

Tiles are generally no problem, people sleep is the most relaxing time, so choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and tiles in the bedroom is more suitable. Polished bedroom protagonist. Brick tiles whiteness, stain resistance, anti-static, used in various elegant room decorated elegant ethereal effect, the romantic, people feel comfortable. 

Brick with clay and stone powder of this type of repression by the press, and then baked, consistent color front and back, not on the glaze, burned, the surface and then polished so that the front is very smooth, very beautiful, the back is the real face of the brick. Polishing we all know it? Such as stone floors and walls, is the polished stone of the province is not bright, but after polishing, looks very bright. 

Since it is polished, the problem will follow as smooth, and bright, so it is not dirt, and then dragged over with a mop would have a water mark, because you can not be 100% of the mop clean it, like Cabo as well, so if you want to clean, relatively himself or herself; the second drawback is that because of the smooth polished turn, so it does not skid, and that is once the ground water, and is very slide, which is why we see the stairs inside the building in general, etc. are not only paved stone throw into light, but matt, the only way to skid. 

The third problem is that there is color liquid easily penetrate the most simple test is to take a pen to write the words on the surface of the brick, poor polishing turn, immediately after the finish wipe are not necessarily clean, the writing may have been infiltrated a good brand, because the press is good, high-density, coupled with the firing temperature, high density is very high, so it is not easy to penetrate, but it is not absolute, no matter how polished turn, if the written word 10 minutes before wiping, are bound to go after the left will never rub marks, because the ink has penetrated into the brick inside. 

Consumers choose to paving tiles bedroom for many reasons. Tiles created by the artistic atmosphere and comfort can ease the pressure after a day's work, people revel in the cozy art ocean. Innovation colored tiles, but also to dispel consumers think tiling bedroom warm enough concerns. With the improvement of the production process level, tile Jiaogan are from the "cold" in the traditional sense of getting away.

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